Tuesday 13 May 2014

Today was The Turn of the Oven

Something I have never done before, getting in a professional to clean the oven, its a job I hate doing and I wanted a good job doing before we move out.
A very nice gentleman who advertises in the local magazine came out to my rescue, no chemicals used just elbow grease.

My grubby oven before 

My nice clean shiny oven after

All he used was washing up liquid and warm water, it took nearly 3 hours and its a great job, it looks as good as new and the cost £50 well spent.
Everything was stripped down and cleaned to within an inch of its life.
I have got a load of roasting bags to be used in the meantime to keep the oven clean.
Its been a day of mixed weather today, sunshine, rain, hailstones and thunder, that's what I love most about the UK you can get all the seasons in one day.


  1. I've got a whacking big range cooker & it is a bugger to clean, occasionally I fork out for a professional clean. The times in between it is Mikes job! I would be happy with just some sunshine now please.


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