Friday 17 February 2023

What and Why The 28 Day Preserving Challenge

 Let me start with the What?

Day 4 of My 28 days of Food Preserving.

I follow lots of Homestead and Smallholding channels on YouTube 

By the way if you have one leave a link in comments so I can add you to my list.

One of the channels I follow is Three River’s Homestead

Fab mum of a large family, every year she does a few homestead challenges to help keep on top of things, it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and just do the same old stuff on a homestead. 

I have been watching her Every Little Counts challenge that she does at the end of the harvest season to use up all those little bits and bobs and preserving with them every day for a month, making sure there is no waste 


 as we go through a cost of living crisis it’s even more important we make use of everything and put those bargains to use when we find them, use up all those harvests in store before they turn, fill the pantry shelves, and no food waste. 

So I thought I would challenge my self for the next 28 days to do just that. I have the added challenge of my kitchen being packed in boxes and I have a very limited work space. 

But hey another few weeks and I will be in a real kitchen and not working from a cardboard box. 

I am going to trying some new to me things, it’s fun to try all these little projects, hopefully at the end of the 28 days my preserving mindset will be in a good place and I can join in her challenge in September along with lots of other homesteads. 

We have spent the last few months of only buying in what we really need, it has vastly reduced our spending, saving money, using what we have in the freezers what we have in the pantry and what is growing outside. Lots of meal planning and organising has got us in good habits. 

As we now enter a new growing season we will be entering a new preserving season in a few months so it’s important that we don’t waste what still needs to harvested from winter growing, also the past few months organising the food side has made me look at what we grow and what we need and being realistic what we don’t need to grow. 

Anyway I am off lots to do take care everyone   😁

Thursday 16 February 2023

28 Day Food Preserving Challenge

 I am taking part in a 28 day food preserving challenge, 

Preserving something every day to prevent waste and fill shelves. 

Here are my first three days.



Day 3