Wednesday 5 May 2021

All Going Large And Light

  I think working on a kitchen has to be the most stressful and inconvenient part of the house to do work, it’s the one room that is in constant use.

At the moment our kitchen is small, it looks bigger  in the photo than what it really is poor layout and no real thought gone into it.  No proper storage space, the only area to work on is here

The window is set too deep and only has top opening I have to stand on a chair to open it, it is the only ventilation in the kitchen, it’s also too small and we have to have a light on all the time otherwise it’s like being in a cave.

The cooker has no work space next to it and no extractors and no were to put one 

I love the Rayburn but it is like cooking in a cave I have added extra led lights but it’s not enough and at times I think I should were a head torch

The cupboard under the stairs which is accessed behind the fridge was obviously made for some one 3ft tall, you can’t fit a hoover ironing board sweeping brush or mop in there

It’s only living with this for almost seven years now I know what works and what needs changing, so far nothing works and it all needs changing. 

Base units will be white, appliances built in, no cupboard handles or inlays, no wall cupboards hate them with a passion, lots of natural  light, lots of ventilation , tiled floor, double sink, this is what has been decided so far.