Thursday 1 May 2014

Livestock Field Shelter from Scrap

Here is the Alpaca shelter we have built this week, to give them somewhere to shelter from the sun
We built it all from scrap that was lying around 

We put a water catchment system on as well, and put together there coral at the front so we can contain them when we need to handle them, its all easy to quickly dismantle for when we move.


  1. Your always so busy I can't keep up with you x

  2. We are all busy just in diffrent ways, and you know what they say the devil makes work for idle hands :-)

  3. I love those old sayings, my Nan had loads of them. You know what thought did? followed a much cart and thought it was a wedding was my favourite lol. Funny the things we say and what they remind us of x

  4. How fab to have Alpaca's for your very own wool.


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