Monday 26 May 2014

Luxury 5 star Alpaca Treatment

The two boys have had an upgrade to there living quarters, they have now had a carpet laid in there shelter, they are not pets and we are not pampering them, honest, there is a good reason for this
 We are coming up to shearing time and we need there fleeces as clean as possible, I was reading a few Alpaca sites and this was recommended, take away any straw and lay down a bit of old carpet for them to lay on to keep rubbish out of there fleeces. There is a flooring supply place next to hubby's unit and they were happy to oblige hubby asked for some off cuts and was given a roll of carpet, enough to keep them going for a couple of years. 
And what do the boys think
 Oddjob is trying it out having a lay down while Nick Nak is still unsure
OK we approve of the carpet but were is breakfast 

 And while your at it I need some attention
I have a new hair decoration I am not sure of it what do you think

My hair is fine thank you don't even think of giving me a trim
Thanks that a lot better it didn't really suit me not my colour, and the new fringe I can see again.

Oddjob must have been really grateful for me rescuing his hair, he followed me all the way to the gate humming.


  1. What a great idea. And it looks like they will have gorgeous fleeces! I have some alpaca fleece buried in a box somewhere. I long for the day when I can get back to my fiber arts.

    1. I am looking forward to having there fleece to spin and knit up, I am planning a lovely warm jacket.

  2. I love your Alpaca stories......... I think they're saying where's the red carpet? x

    1. They are comical to watch and you cant help but smile at them :-)

  3. I have a hankering to keep some Alpacas at our next house. It will be such a treat and a help to see how you look after your two. Hope your face is not so sore now.

    Jean x

    1. Alpacas are so stress free and the way they hum at you its very relaxing being around them.
      My face is a lot better today thank you.


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