Wednesday 7 May 2014

The First and Lasts in the Garden

The first poppy has opened really massive flower I put my hand in the picture so you can see the size

The first of the Lavender

One of the firsts of the yellow climbing Roses

The first of the Clematis blooms

The first of the Aliums opening 

The first of the Peonys

Last of the Tulip blooms have opened
The last of the Ramsons

I wish it was the last of these
Lily Beetles we have had loads this year 

And this is the damage they cause whenever I see them I pick them off and squash them but every year there are those that escape my notice

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  1. Lily beetles are an absolute pain, they decimated the lily's I had in the front garden. I have a couple in a pot now in the back so I will see how they fair. Lovely photos of your flowers.


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