Monday 15 December 2008

Being Wiped out bugs

Yesterday I was totally knocked off my feet with this flu/cold bug that's going round, I was feeling so rough, but kept dosing myself up with tablets, Vit C and lots of hot ginger drinks, today I am feeling a lot better I have the sniffles and little sore throat but apart from that compared to yesterday I feel great.
Got loads done this morning, washing, ironing, cleaned the oven, stripped down the hob and extractor all the bits are in the dishwasher, of course because I use the hob to boil my kettle after running Grand son to school I found I couldn't make a cuppa because all the bits are in the dishwasher, then I remembered the good old microwave, it took a couple of mins to boil the water, but it did the job.
Going to get dinner on now, we seemed to have accumulated a lot of venison in the freezer, so I am sticking a joint in the slow cooker with a load of veg that need using up from the fridge, I am going to try and use the slow cooker a lot more that I do, I came across a great blog full of slow cooker recipes
so I think I am going to become a regular visitor.
Well its Christmas next week and I still have a few pressie to finish off so I better get a move on .

Sunday 14 December 2008

Christmas is a coming fast

Yes its just round the corner now and I am up to my eyes in finishing off pressies, who's idea was it to make everyones pressies this year !!!!!

This week has seen the kitchen turn in to a choclate shop, as the handmade chocolates got into full swing, these are to add to the hampers that the adults are getting for christmas, it was great fun making them, there are still a few more to do, so far I have done, Cherry brandy kisses, Mint Crunch, Nut Cluster, Chilli chocolate, Truffles, and Hazlenut truffle.
They all taste rather yummy and the kitchen has chocolate everywhere, just lots of boxes of the stuff covering every surface.
Also got the freezers deforsted this week and sorted out in preperation for our half a veal calf, we are looking forward to that arriving.
We are in full throws of moving young chicks into there adult accomidation and its starting to look like chicken city down the garden, were ever you look there is another chicken house.
I have sent off a few requests to rent some land this week, and if we manage to get some locally then Chicken City will be moving there, along with a couple of beehives then we can expand into other poultry and keep some for meat eating.
I think I am starting to come down with this Cold/flu thingy that is going round, got up this morning feeling really rough, taken a couple of pills, had a hot shower and feeling a bit better but there is definatly something lingering in the background.
Right off to pop some more pills, and if need be crawl back into bed .