Saturday 29 December 2018

A Bit of Field Work

 A bit of field maintenance work has been needed in the Alpaca area.
First all broken branches needed clearing
 There were branches that were broken off in storms
And branches that were damaged but still attached,
 all branches and trees need to be made safe,
so we don’t end up with damaged fences or get injured ourselves with fallen branches
then its on to the poo picking, 
it all gets loaded into the muck spreader
The chains are next, to loosen up the moss and loosen up the surface then the new spring grass will be off to a flying start.

I had a lesson on using the muck spreader today.
We are spreading the muck on the field we hope to cut for hay this coming year.
That big 74lb pumpkin I grew this year was enjoyed by the pigs,
it didnt take long for them to demolish it.
 Tess enjoyed Christmas day on the beach
 As did Sol, we expect this to be his last Christmas,
Sol is having health issues and the outcome is not good.
 In the meantime life goes on
 and the two of them enjoy each others company and enjoy trips out.