Sunday 11 May 2014

Today it was The Turn of The Attic

We both agreed after breakfast we would empty the attic and boy did we it just kept coming and coming I thought it would never end, 
there was this
And this
And this
every last scrap was taken out, the rest of the day was taken up with going through everything, re boxing discarding trips down memory lane a few cups of tea and now we are left with is this
there are five boxes downstairs for me to go through with my sister next week end, stuff of mum and dads, we have sent one van load of stuff to my daughter who loves doing car boots, there is one box for my son his star wars toys and scout uniform and few other bits, one van load went to the tip, and hubby has a pile of stuff he wants to e-bay. 
Hubby kept saying how many gardening books do you need there are hundreds, I need them all, I love my books and it was so tempting to start browsing but I restrained myself and re-boxed and sealed them up. 
So now the attic is done I feel like we are making progress. :-)


  1. Just how big is your attic? :-)

  2. The attic was only in the old part of the house, so across two rooms it wasnt full as it was only part boarded, but its always a surprise what comes out of the attic. :-)

  3. How many gardening books do you need? All of them! I loved that because it's so true. Things like attic cleaning are huge undertakings! Everything gets so spread out and disorganized in the process. At least there's light at the end of the tunnel!

    1. At least all the stuff is gone that we really dont need, the books wont be returning to the attic when we move, I am going to have a floor ro celing bookcase and all the books will be accesible something I am looking forward to.


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