Tuesday 20 May 2014

A Bit of a Loose End

That's how I feel today at a bit of a loose end, I was going to do a book review but the books are all packed, the garden is very basic so not a lot happening there, there is no preserving of food happening, cooking is very basic as we are eating through the freezer and cupboards, no great DIY projects.
I can update on the progress of how my Yakon tubers are growing
Yes they are growing, they will form part of my perennial vegetable garden, until then they stay in pots.
My solar powered Aquaponics is working fine and the plants are really starting to romp away now
Lettuce, Watercress and cucumbers 

We are picking plenty of salad to have with our dinner
As the chives are in flower I have been adding flower heads to the salad

I was eyeing up the leeks today and the broad beans and it looks like they can be added to this weeks dinners

I have got myself a new video camera as I want to keep a video diary of the work on the new place at the moment it is on charge so tomorrow I might get a chance to play with it, I know I have a camera on my phone but I wanted a proper video camera now I have nice shiny red one. :-)


  1. What are the Yakons like? Like sweet potato? might be somthing to think about for next year if they are. always good to have other crops other than potatoes. Aquaponics really interests me and I think I might have to pick up a book about it to learn more. Is there much advantage to growing in the normal way?

  2. I havent tried Yacon before, so I cant really say what they are like, from what I have read they grow these big edible tubers there is information here about them http://www.yakon.co.uk/index.php
    The aquaponics is something I have only got into on a small scale, the idea is you cn have your fish growing and the water from the fish containing there waste is pumped around to the plants that are growing in a soiless state, that take the nutrients out of the water and the clean water is returned to the fish, mine is on a small experimental stage we hope to be able to have Tiliapa when we do a proper set up

    1. I take it you will then eat the fish when they're big enough? In Thailand they had catfish in large drums and would chuck all their kitchen waste in for it to eat. They'd then eat the cat fish when it was big enough. Kind of like a old fashioned way of keeping a pig to convert your waste into food.

    2. That is the plan yes to eat them, at the moment we have Crayfish in there but they are destined for the table this week end, we have had the Crayfish for over a year, they are the American Signal Crayfish.

  3. The Aquaponics sounds interesting I would love to see how you get on with that in the future.

    1. Once we get moved the small poly tunnel will be used soley for an Aquaponics set up, I am just experimenting at the moment with a small set up.


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