Thursday 15 May 2014

Cooking Outdoors

When the opportunity arises we love to cook out doors, we built a brick oven just for this purpose

sorry the sun was in the wrong place when I took the picture, this was our our first attempt of building a brick oven, we designed it with big storage cupboards underneath 
we usually store charcoal and wood underneath
we have over the years collected cooking pots
we use the cast iron dutch ovens 
we have used the outdoor cooking area in all weathers

 We have cooked all sorts on it as well

Baked Fish in salt

One Pot meals
We will defiantly build one again with a few alterations, we will make the opening to the oven slightly larger and we will position the chimney more to the front so the heat does not escape straight up the chimney.
We do have a tripod as well for the dutch ovens so we plan to build a fire pit at the next place as well. 


  1. Amazing thank you. That's the kind of cooking area I'd like to build here one day. We love cooking outside and having that type of area just makes it easier. Thanks again for putting the pictures up (I'll save these for a later date).

    1. Tank your welcome, hopefully when we build the next one I will take progress with the build pictures


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