Tuesday 6 May 2014

Book Review Haynes Bee Manual

Yes it is a manual by Haynes the same as all those car manuals, 
Haynes now do manuals on all kinds of topics, like all there manuals its written and presented in a clear unfussy format
And as Bee books go and I have read a few this one I can recommend to anyone interested in starting with bees, it covers everything you need to know 

plenty of good clear photos and easy to follow diagrams, there is an excellent section on hive problems and detailed explanations on splitting a colony, that's something that is on my agenda for this week, weather permitting. My only grip is it does not have any mention on Top Bar hives, If this had been available when I first started keeping bees it would have saved me a few costly mistakes.
So if you are new to Bee keeping or thinking about it put this book on your list, even if you are an old hand its still worth having on the shelf.


  1. They have ventured into many titles now haven't they.I keep on meaning t buy Mike the cooking one. I wish I had some space for bees.

  2. I got my grandson the Mens cooking one by Haynes for when he moved out :-) he loves it

  3. In what way would the information save you money? Because I'm thinking of building some top bar hives to have bees next year and if you don't recommend them it might put me off.

  4. The top bar hives are great, by saving money I wouldnt have made the mistakes of buying a nuc I would have got swarms from the area as the nucs didnt arrive until June the hungry gap therefore couldnt build up enough reserves or brood to see them through the winter so 2 years running we lost every Nuc and they cost a lot of money to buy in.


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