Saturday 10 May 2014

Growing Ginger

Its around this time of year I usually start off a few ginger plants
firstly I buy a good hand of ginger I check them over carefully to find one with some decent growing points

 I then cut the hand of ginger up keeping a growing point on each bit

then into a pot of compost mixed with sand and away they grow
They are usually ready to harvest late autumn, each growing point will grow into a nice big lump of ginger
this was the plants last year
It is possible to grow them outside in the summer in the UK 
there is some info here Growing Ginger
well worth a try even if its just for the novelty factor.
Today I did get all the young veg plants in the greenhouse planted up they have all gone into containers, I did get some sunflowers planted into the garden, we got a load of wood cut up that was sitting down the side of the house, so now its all stacked in wood store and the side passage is now all neat and tidy. Hubby made a start on his garage and made a couple of runs to the tip, so headway is being made.

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