Sunday 18 May 2014

It's Sunday Already

I don't know were the week has gone but its back round to Sunday again, today we seem to achieved a lot, first on the list was walk the Alpacas before it got too hot for them, they are really feeling the heat with there big woolly coats on, we are waiting to hear from the shearers, It will be a great relief to the boys when they get stripped of all that wool. After there walk it was foot inspection time and a manicure, I do the cutting while hubby does the holding, we were all done by 10 and the temperature was already rising.
After a bacon roll for breakfast with the last pack of our home cured bacon, we made a start on the out house storage area or otherwise know as hubby's brewery, its were we keep the upright freezer and the second fridge, it also houses all his barrels and home brew stuff, boxes of jars and sacks of spuds.
We gave it a good sorting out and hubby packed up all his stuff and took it down to the storage unit out of the way along with a load of stuff from the garage.
At this point it was time for me to hit the shade the sun was really doing its best, so I sat down with some embroidery samples for the Stitch and Bitch group at the shop, in fact its a Mystery Christmas Sampler that they will start next month as there monthly project only they wont know what the completed sampler will look like until November I have to work in advance and Christmas workshops usually start to kick off in June. I am also working on there monthly project that will run from January to September next year.
 Once things started to cool down again I set about the mammoth task of watering everything in pots and noticed
The first of the tomato plants in flower, these are hanging basket toms.

The fruit is swelling on the Strawberries so I must get some straw down to keep them clean

Watering all the pots took a good couple of hours and I went through one water barrel, when we move I want some IBC tanks for water catchment, the barrels just don't hold enough. 

Well that about sums up my day, time to get back to more embroidery.

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