Wednesday 9 January 2019

Its Spring Again

It certainly feels like spring, 
warm sunny days in January
warm enough to outside without a jacket.
We had a Billy on hire, he spent about 5 weeks with us, 
Sunday was time to return him, he was of a lovely temperament 
lets hope he throws us some nice kids with his temperament
 The poly tunnel has been having its winter clean up,
just the outside to wash down now.
 I have been setting some horseradish roots and split a parsley
 and moving some of the plants around.
 The last of the heritage potatoes have been taken up
there is still some everyday white potatoes to take up.
 We are down to the last of the fresh tomatoes now, 
really impressed its January an we are still eating fresh tomatoes, these were called Nepal another heritage one, you can pick them green and store them until the end of the season.
 Up at Sols final resting place, I ave been planting some Hyacinth bulbs for a bit of spring colour.
He is buried next to Kara. 
A lovely spot in our woodland field that gets the sun most of the day.
Thank you every one for your comments they were appreciated.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Goodbye Sol

New Years Eve we said our goodbyes to Sol
My big black bear crossed rainbow bridge
it was a toughie 
Over the week end he rapidly deteriorated
 It was time to our final goodbye.
 Sol was a true gentleman my constant companion
 and companion to Tess
 He loved life and the great outdoors
 a gentle undemanding boy
 whatever we were doing he was there with us
 he taught Tess well and she is lost without him.
 My boy who loved adventure and was ready for anything.
 You have left a big empty space in our lives and in our hearts
Run free and be at peace.