Wednesday 24 August 2022

Yep it’s August

 Yes we are heading into our last Bank Holiday of the year.

I have made Marmalade from our own home grown oranges

 And It seems like the world is going to pot

Energy costs are soaring,

Food prices are soaring, 

Postal workers are striking, 

Ports are striking, 

Rail workers are striking, 

Barristers are striking, 

Refuse Collectors are striking, 

Heatwaves and water shortages.

Crop failures.

And I have a courgette glut again, 

But I am not going to fret over it, this year I am prepared and have a few ideas on hand to deal with it. 

Some of the things I have done in the past with courgettes

Other news, our farm shop is open and has been going well except no one wants to buy courgettes.

The Buffalo have calved we have two lovely little females unfortunately we lost a bull calf from Petunia after another difficult delivery, she has now been retired. 

Other news, I still battle daily with my Cranial Leak, more on that another time.

I have lost 22lbs of weight more on that another time.

The polytunnels have served us well and we have had excellent crops this year, filling the cupboards and freezer.

The peach harvest was excellent, some we sold some I preserved some were eaten fresh off the tree.

Our Scaffolding business is now completely relocated to here and Martin is getting plenty of work lots of variety and more unusual requests 

Building work is progressing well on the house, our builder has just come back from his holidays and is now ready to get slates on the roof fascia boards and gutter stuff, then he can knock through to the exsisting kitchen 

We now have a compost loo which I love it our anniversary present to ourselves this year

We have also bought a big beast of a generator that runs on diesel and will be set up to run the whole house and outbuildings during a power cut. 

On that note I am signing off time to tackle those courgettes take care everyone.