Thursday 23 June 2022

Feel Like We Have Slapped In The Face

 Yes seriously a big slap in the face, 

after spending weeks juggling budgets, 

Trips to France 

Putting our plans on hold,

Endless visits viewing mobile homes, 

Time spent away when we had so much going on here

We found the perfect mobile home for Martins parents it was above the budget we set but hey it’s for his parents to be comfortable in for the remainder of there days.

We put down a deposit told them all about it, did a video and sent to them 

They watched the video then called us the next morning.

They have changed there mind, unbelievable.


  1. So, it looks really nice and is a good video Dawn.

    How aggravating. I know with my parents, we eventually had to force the issue because they were simply not in a position to continue living where they were. There was at least one "on-again/off-again" incident, but we had to just honestly tell them "You cannot live alone when you cannot drive".

  2. It takes older people time to make decisions. They need to think it through. Don’t be surprised if they come back and say yes go ahead.

  3. Maybe it would be a good idea to continue with your plans as you've already paid the deposit? If they won't live in it maybe you could use it as an airbnb or rent it out?

  4. It is a lovely home! Hopefully they'll come around!

  5. Unbelievable and frustrating! Will you be able to get the deposit back?

  6. Frustrating, my M-I-L lives alone in 3 bed house. It's getting too much but will she listen. I've already made a list of what I think I'll need when retired and a big 4 bed isn't one of them. Already decluttering, as daughters have already told me what they want when I'm gone!

  7. I'd be happy to live there! As Anonymous said, they may just need time to come round to the's a big step moving from France.


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