Sunday 4 May 2014

Day Trip To Wales

Today we set off on a trip to Wales to have another look at the property we are buying and we wanted to walk the land as well so we could work out a few things.
So it was a quick trip over to the Alpacas at an ungodly hour in the morning, they didn't even budge just gave us a its stupid o' clock look, saw to the chooks who also didn't come out to wave us off, open all the greenhouses and tunnel as the forecast was for sunshine and I didn't want everything to shrivel up, so 6am we got on the road, one stop on the way and we were there for 11am, spent 4 hours wandering around making plans taking photos then down to the sea side for fish and chips before heading home, got back at 9pm, shut the chooks in closed the greenhouses and tunnel, made a cup of tea now going to head to bead as I feel shattered, we have another early start tomorrow as daughter and grand kids are coming over at breakfast time as they want to walk the Alpacas and we have promised them a pancake breakfast afterwards, then I have to get to the shop to pack up the last of the sale stuff to sell as a job lot, so hopefully at some point later tomorrow I can upload some photos of what is soon to be our new home.
Good night folks :-)


  1. It sounds like a busy couple of days.

  2. Oh my, you made my head spin lol. I hope your finding time to put your feet up every now and then. Can't wait for you pics x


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