Sunday 25 May 2014

Just A Few New Plants

One of our local garden centres runs a gardening club, I signed up for it many it years ago, every time you shop there you get points that they convert to vouchers every 4 months, my vouchers came through yesterday I had £13 so I went off today to use them, as they are not part of a multi chain I wont get these any more when I move and the vouchers are only valid for 4 weeks.
I had a good browse around and settled for 

3 Sweet Potato Plants that were on offer buy 2 get one free

Next I spotted one of James Wong's Black Tomato Plants they had them reduced to £1.99

Next was a plant for Hubby, he loves his chilli's and every year we grow a few different variety's and he is always trying to grow them as hot as possible,  I spotted this one.
A Ghost Pepper that claims to be the hottest in the world scoring 1,000,000 on the Scoville heat scale, so we will see on that one, hubby was excited when he got home from work and saw the new pepper plant, it will be another to keep seeds from.

So that was my vouchers spent, as I was perusing blog world yesterday I was reading Kev's blog about the Sutton seeds offer 20 packs of James Wong seeds worth £40 for £10 that is a good saving, so they popped into the basket along with some Yam Tubers £5.45 for 5
unfortunately it didn't stop there, I was reading the Home Farmer magazine and there was another offer from Sutton's seeds with a code, 2 free Cucamelon plants you just pay for postage as I was paying postage on them I popped the 10 Guava bushes for £10 in the basket as well.
The home farmer offer is here, 

I have just broke the news to hubby about yet more plants and I had to give him a tour of the garden to show what was coming with us, containers and pots are multiplying daily, he is being very good about it all. 


  1. You will need a whole removal lorry just for the plants in pots, no room for furniture!

    1. The plan is one lorry for garden plants and garden furniture then another lorry for household, he is a very understanding hubby :-)

  2. Glad you used the vouchers up it would have been maddening to move and then find the vouchers! How's your face?

    1. Face is very tender, looks like i have been sunburnt on one side, it woke me a few times through the night when I lay on it.
      Thank you for asking :-)

  3. i hope I didn't get blamed for all this spending! I'm trying a new chilli this year as I'm trying to grow one like the peppadew peppers that we love stuffed with feta. so this year its "cherry bomb" we'll have to see if its as good!

    1. Not at all Kev, when would a man blame another man for his wifes spending. :-0


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