Friday 2 May 2014

Bamboo and Herbs

In my drive to become more self reliant, I fancied growing my own bamboo canes for the garden, I settled for Fargesia Nitida Great Wall Bamboo, it grows about 4m tall and spread is about 150cm, I thought it would make a nice wind brake as well as I know there are a few exposed areas were we plan to live.
My young plants arrived today 
I got three plants for £19.99 from the Hot Plant company, very well package and about 1m tall

The herb seeds I sowed the other week are making good progress and germination has been good

These are all to replace those we will be leaving behind in the herb garden, I do like using herbs and the annual ones I dry out so I can use them out of season. 
I am looking forward to starting a new herb garden.


  1. Snap, my window sills have an array of herb seedlings, luckily I potted up some Bay and Rosemary cuttings last year and I have some small Thymes in pots. The only herb that I will need is Sage. I have decided that once the essentials are unpacked I will have a couple of days in the garden.

  2. Oh my goodness! I've been thinking about growing bamboo too. Not only for the canes but as a living privacy fence, LOL

  3. Be careful with bamboo. We had it at our last place and its really invasive!


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