Wednesday 21 May 2014

Thank You Mr Tesco and Self Watering Containers.

I popped along to Tesco's to get some more of there folding crates, I bought a load last week 3 for the price of 2, they are great for packing books in, I went to the end of aisle were they still had a load of them and the big yellow card still displayed the same offer, so I popped 6 in my trolley and went off to the checkout, had a couple of other bits of shopping as well, paid the lady at the checkout and thought to myself that was more than I expected checked the receipt and yes they didn't give me the offer, went to customer services, she went off and checked came back and told me the offer had finished on Sunday and some-one hadn't take the board down, so they refunded me the money for the crates £14 and they were mine to take home, so I was a happy bunny free crates for my books and £14 back in my purse. 

I was reading Kev's blog about his Guavas and here is the one I bought last year at the show I went to, it was only a tiny thing, but this spring it has put on loads of growth, I will have to look at taking some cutting.

Something else that is putting on lots of growth is a spare pumpkin plant
All the others were planted outside, but this was the weak weedy one, so I thought, I will stick him in a large pot in the greenhouse and if he survives take him with us, survive he has and he is now romping across the greenhouse floor heading for the doorway, I will have to sort out some kind of climbing frame for him I think.
I did get some self watering containers this year to try out, well there not really self watering they have a reservoir and you have to fill it once a week, 
So far everything that is planted in them is doing well, I am very happy with them, I have 2 troughs, 2 tubs and 2 hanging baskets, they are made my Stewart. The baskets have a capillary wicking system and I have the tumbling tomatoes planted in them. It should make feeding the plants easy as well, If I was planning on having lots of containers they are something I would consider again. 
Still no rain here and we are now starting to need it, although I have just been out and done all the watering so it will rain now.


  1. You Guava is looking good. Do you keep it outside for the summer?

    1. It sat outside last summer then put under cover for the winter.

  2. Glad you got great customer service from Tesco, I never after my last visit so don't shop there any more! All you veg is looking fantastic, very healthy.


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