Tuesday 8 February 2022

An Update is in Order

 I thought an update was in order, I am still battling with my health issue, my first hospital appointment with the surgeon was cancelled we drove for an hour just walked in the hospital doors and they phoned to cancel so it was back in the car and drive home again, we were both very disappointed  as we thought we were getting somewhere.

Anyway there was nothing we could do about it just suck it up.

I have now got another appointment next week fingers crossed this one will go ahead.

My GP did tell me results of the CT scan, it showed a hole in the skull, as it’s not his field he couldn’t really comment much more. 

I have good days we’re I feel somewhat normal and can get on with chores and try and play catch up on jobs, then I will be floored by bad days we’re I struggle to do anything and spend a lot of time laying down , bedtime is worse the nights are long and I toss and turn, which of course results in a battle with fatigue the following day.

I have been getting some things done a bit of canning

Training Poppy

Feeding Buffalo

And the freezers were given a big overhaul

I hope everyone is keeping well andI will update again after my hospital visit.