Monday 5 May 2014

Our New Home We Hope

Fingers crossed this is were we will be moving too, its all in the hands of solicitors, these are some of photos I took yesterday on our second viewing
The house front view

Rear view of the house with some of the rear garden 
This 32ft mobie home that is in the rear garden and is hooked up to mains water power etc is to be my work room.

some of the front garden

The five acres to the side in these 3 photos

we are also in negotiation for a further 10 acres bordering the land

View from the end of the drive.


  1. Stunning, fingers and toes crossed you get it x

  2. Is that what estate agents call a mature garden? :-)
    Hope all goes well for you. Fantastic view on that end photo

  3. Yes mature it is, I cant wait to start a new garden yet again.

  4. Looks amazing. Lots of potential I think the estate agents would say!


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