Saturday 30 April 2022

Dealing With An Egg Glut

 They keep saying about an egg shortage but my girls don’t watch the news and continue to lay along with the duck gang, prices of eggs are rising in the shops but our eggs at the gate have stayed the same price for now

£1 for chicken eggs and £1.50 for duck eggs 

But sales have dropped off leaving me with a glut of eggs to use up.

I no sooner use them up and some asks if I have any eggs as the shop had run out, typical buy from the shop then when they don’t have any think I just keep eggs for them.

Two big jars of pickled eggs were done 34 eggs in total

Then it was on to the duck eggs

3 different quiches gave me the chance to add bits of ham, and veg etc from the bottom of the fridge, 6 eggs in each quiche 

When I run out of pastry it was frittata using up 10 eggs spinach ham peppers

Then there was some sausage meat left in the freezer from when we did sausages that got used with another 6 eggs for scotch eggs.

While I was in the freezer rummaging around found a portion of curried mince lamb so that got pulled out and made into some pasties for lunches.

Plenty of grab and go lunches available now, it’s a busy time of year and sometimes you just don’t want a sandwich, or I haven’t made any bread, .

Now I have Martin at home a lot more he needs feeding.

More news on the home front, next week I have an appointment with the surgeon, the farm shop and Martin’s new office also arrives next week, almost all the yard stuff from the business is here Martin just has two more lorry loads to bring up, then it will be the big sort out, we have already started listing lorries on eBay.

On the farm front we have started milking the goats again, the buffalo are now back out on grass

And we have collected another two hives of bees to replace the two we lost last year to wasp attacks.

That’s it for now be back soon, take care everyone.