Wednesday 14 May 2014

Bangers and Beans Dutch Oven Style

A pack of sausages dug out from the back of the freezer was tonight's dinner, as it is a lovely pleasant evening we thought we would light the outdoor fire for cooking and dig out the Dutch Oven
So we chopped up a few potatoes, red pepper, mushrooms onions and garlic into the Dutch Oven with the sausages a drizzle of olive oil seasoning 
after browning added some water popped on the lid, after about 10 mins added some baked beans moved it to a cooler part of the fire to finish cooking
It was delicious served with bread and butter.
Cooking outdoors is something we both enjoy and do throughout the year, it was one of the reasons we built a brick oven outside, and its something we plan to rebuild at the next place. We have even been out in the snow cooking its great fun.

10 Random Facts
 Reading some of the blogs out there today some of you were listing 10 random facts so I thought I would add mine.
  1. When I was five I fell out of the upstairs bedroom window, I now have a fear of heights.
  2. I first got married at 16 divorced at 21 remarried at 22 divorced at 24 I am now happily married for the third time and we are just coming up to our 24th Anniversary.
  3. I hate having long hair it gets in the way but I also hate going to the hairdressers so hence I live with my long hair.
  4. I don't eat cheese, I have had some really bad reactions to cheese its the rennet in it, so I have not eaten cheese since I was a little child.
  5. I was born in Scotland, and brought in Wales I used to speak fluent welsh with a Scottish accent.
  6. I don't own a single designer label of anything.
  7. I am always the designated driver when we go out as I don't like alcohol
  8. We moved around nearly every year when I was a child, this had a sever affect on my education and the ability to make friends. I do enjoy my own company
  9. I hate shopping but I own a shop, I can think of nothing worse to do with my spare time than shopping.
  10. I like to play the guitar although not very well and I like to paint pictures in watercolour.


  1. We moved around a lot as kids as well so I feel for you . We lived in flats round London and there was nowhere safe to play out so it was hard. Thirteen schools later and I'm not that messed up, honest! lol x

  2. We lived in rural areas so there was never anyone around to play with, just me and my shadow. :-)

  3. Pictures of your outdoor cooking space please! This is on my list of things to do here.

    1. I will put some pics up later today when I get home from work :-)

  4. Oh yes please I would love to see your outdoor cooking space, I want one myself! Loved reading your random things.


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