Friday 25 March 2022

Time To Share Our Big News

 Spring has sprung at Stickle Tarn, blossom on the fruit trees are alive with bees, which is great to see and seed sowing is on the way, but I am holding back on the reins with planting out, a bit of Spring sunshine gives a false sense of security, we still have very cold frosty nights, we could still get snow, so I am just taking it easy and enjoying the warmth of the sun.



Our goats have kidded, 

we have four lovely little bouncy kids, 

who always bring a smile to your face.

We are not lambing this year.

So what else is going on 

The building work is now coming on a storm which is a great relief to see and now we can see what we have, pop over to the Building page for a full update on what went wrong.

Martin has a new to us tractor this makes a big jobs easier you can see it here on this video

  I suppose I should tell you of our BIG NEWS this is life changing stuff for us.

In two weeks time Martin will be here full time, yes at last after 8 years of working away my husband will be at my side here on the smallholding.

We have been selling off our scaffolding business in Bedfordshire, he wont be fully retired just yet but no more working away, well perhaps the occasional night, we will be running a small works scaffold business from here and the past year has been getting the word out and small jobs have been done, Equipment has been moved up here that will be needed along with a couple of trucks.

Of course he will need an office to work from 

And this what is going on here, clearing a space for an office and a


Yes Stickle Tarn is going to have a little farm shop, a place we can sell our Buffalo Meat, plants, veg, eggs along with other things we produce here on the smallholding. 

On the subject of Buffalo meat, we have been working with a local butcher Mark Webb who is taking on some of our meat and also making burgers and sausages from it. 

Lots of big changes afoot 2022 is going to be an exciting year for us,

I hope it is for you too.