Sunday 6 September 2020

Did We Have An August


I don’t really recall the transition into August and then September, I just feel like time is so unimportant to me these days that I don’t notice it. It’s like the clock on the wall it is unimportant, the animals are very good at letting us know when it’s time for feeds, the seasons tell us what we should be doing.

BankHoliday we set up the marquee, and welcomed a collection of family and friends to join us for a lamb spit roast, the whole day was done in accordance to Welsh Goverment COVID guidelines, plenty of social distancing, no fingers in food we bought loads of tongs, disposable compostable table wear, we got to catch up with family who we haven’t seen at all this year, and I got to meet my great granddaughters 

While the marquee was in place I put it to use and ran a food preserving taster day for a group of local ladies

We had a great day smoking cheese and garlic

Steam juice extracting grapes that I picked from the poly tunnel

Canning kidney beans

Dehydrating a selection of things that are to be used for our fruit and herb tea blending day

We sent a buffalo off early on in August and we have just got the meat back from the butchers

Our second buffalo went last week, 
We are dispersing the sheep

We need the land for the buffalo, so the sheep have to, we still have 3 rams to cull this year and we will keep on this years 3 ram lambs for meat next year, half the ewes have now gone.

Tess, Paige and Mia have enjoyed trips to the river, we have stayed away the beaches as they have become tourist magnets.
All in all we have just carried on with life, what ever is happening else were has little effect on us. 
I think winter will be interesting, coughs, colds, flu and Covid.
Hope everyone out there is staying safe.