Thursday 23 June 2022

Feel Like We Have Slapped In The Face

 Yes seriously a big slap in the face, 

after spending weeks juggling budgets, 

Trips to France 

Putting our plans on hold,

Endless visits viewing mobile homes, 

Time spent away when we had so much going on here

We found the perfect mobile home for Martins parents it was above the budget we set but hey it’s for his parents to be comfortable in for the remainder of there days.

We put down a deposit told them all about it, did a video and sent to them 

They watched the video then called us the next morning.

They have changed there mind, unbelievable.

Saturday 11 June 2022

Rising From The Ground

 It has been a super busy time here, shutting down the scaffolding business in Bedfordshire is now complete and we are working on building up a small works scaffolding business here which is going well, this week has seen the last of the equipment and lorries transported here.

Along with another new venture being started

We had a trip out to collect some railway sleepers to be used for the base of the farm shop, the floor was then laid 

Then the came back to start erecting the building

Five hours later and we have a farm shop and office for Martin

We both love it now we just have to turn it into the dream, a partition wall will be going up giving Martin an office space that will be insulated, and the larger end will be our farm shop, we are putting in a commercial freezer and chiller for buffalo meat and pork products, surplus fruit and veg, we will also have plants, alpaca fleece sheep fleece, honey eggs, herbs, tanned sheep and goat hides and a few crafty bits.

I am really excited and hope to be open by the end of the month.

Yesterday was shearing day for the Alpacas and sheep

Jubilee weekend saw us doing a bit of a garden makeover

With the left over sleepers we have boxed in the lavender border that was getting trampled by dogs visiting children etc we are going to get more sleepers and edge all the garden borders with them.

We have another big project to get on the go really really soon, Martin’s elderly parents who live in France want to return to the U.K., we have offered them to come and live here,  so the next thing to do is remove all the leylandi  trees from the end of the garden giving us a 50 foot by 20foot space and bringing in a mobile home for them to live out there days. It will need to be a four season one with double glazing and gas central heating, we will fence across the garden giving them there own private space and own entrance leading onto the drive and they will have a small garden on hard standing with a few raised beds..

Tomorrow we are off mobile home shopping .

Other news on the health front, I have met with a skull base surgeon at Cardiff hospital who has now added me to his urgent list, all my pre op assessments have been done and now just waiting on a date, it will be about a five day stay in hospital and they are putting a drain in my spine to help reduce cranial pressure as the fracture in my crib form plate (one of the plates in your skull) repairs. Recovery will be long about 10 months, he said I will never get back to as I was before but be a lot better than I am now. My daily functionality is deteriorating and most days I spend more time laying down than doing anything, but still keep busy and get done what I can when I can. 

Things are very productive in the poly tunnels although I am behind with some things, new ducklings have arrived, the building work continues we are now at the next major stage, steels have arrived at last and now the corner of the kitchen has to be knocked out and a temporary roof go on, it’s going to be very messy and lots of chaos but I really want this part over with before I go into hospital.

That it for today folks take care everyone.