Monday 12 May 2014

Little Gifts

I have spent the day, hanging about at home, doing some Internet shopping and dealing with removal companies doing quotes for us, so to fill in the time in between I set about making some little farewell gifts for friends
Embroidered applique bookmarks, I could set the machine up and leave it while I dealt with other things, on the reverse is my phone number and e-mail so friends can stay in touch, I plan on just making up a bundle of them so I can hand them out.
My Internet shopping was for a driveway sensor alarm for the new place, as we are going to be very rural and I will be on my own a lot of the time we have been putting some thought into security measures, as the driveway is long and doesn't lead anywhere except to the house a sensor alarm that would alert me to anyone coming up the drive, I have already purchased some new CCTV cameras for the shop so the older ones we are going to set up at the house. We will be getting a dog or two as well, we have been making enquires about rejected guide and assistance dogs who don't make the mark, I don't really want to go down the puppy route although that might change.
Tonight's dinner was freezer left overs, there was some frozen pasta and a garlic bread and smoked salmon, so I made a dressing from fresh basil, pine nuts and olive oil all blended together then tossed the pasta in it cooked some asparagus from the garden served with the salmon and garlic bread.

PS. If you have been following the The great British Sewing Bee you can download all the patterns to print off and have a go yourself here Sewing Bee Patterns and best of all they are free there is also some tutorials to help you out with your sewing.


  1. Dawn they're beautiful and a really good idea. Ex guide dogs are fab. The now not homeless mans Murphy is an ex guide dog and he is wonderful. I know you've seen the pics on my blog but they really don't do his soppy eyes justice! They always belong to the Guide dogs so we are trying to sort out Murphy coming to us if anything happens xx

  2. What lovely things to make, my dad nearly went down the guide dog route before going in his care home. The amount of work that goes in preparing these dogs is amazing. Your right, so many don't quite make the grade.


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