Wednesday 30 April 2014

Storage Of Leftovers

Just gone through the fridge and found some left over fresh pasta from the other evening
One portion size

Into the vacuum sealer

All sealed in its original bag ready for the freezer

The other thing that was in the fridge was a left over jacket potato we ended up with a spare because grandson decided he was going out to eat
Make bag to fit

All sealed and into the freezer
Now we have to really clear the freezer down as it is built in and wont be coming with us, so this morning I made some head way into it
Some of last years summer fruit, Blueberries, Blackcurrants, Raspberries, blackberries, Gooseberries, I have not got them defrosting and plan to mash them down a bit then put them into the dehydrator, I will divided them into a couple of mixed bags, vac seal them easy to store, then I will use them to make some summer fruit puddings at the other end when I have time. With dehydrating there is no rush to use up, if it takes me a couple of years so be it. A friend is bringing me some food barrels with an air tight lid, so I can move all dried goods and dehydrated foods easily and the stuff can stay in the barrels safely as well.


  1. I know I have a stash of fruit from last years harvest deep in the freezers somewhere. I keep on meaning to locate it & make some cordial.

  2. How do you re hydrate them Dawn? Do you just add water? Is this a daft question? lol

  3. To rehydrate leave to stand in hot water for an hour or two depending what it is, you dont need a lot of water, veg if its for soup or casserole just add as it is.
    The only question thats a daft question is the one that was never asked. :-)

  4. Joanne I like the sounds of a mixed fruit cordial may have to look at that, I can see it now with a sprig of mint and ice cubes. :-)

  5. I may have to open a new savers pot lol x


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