Wednesday 9 March 2016

Flying Domes

The wind was howling through this morning
after doing the early morning lamb feed in PJ's and wellies
I came indoors for a cuppa and to get dressed 
the phone rang
never good news so early in the morning
C Senior was on the phone, there dome barn had taken off and landed in the field
It has taken the fence with it, it was over the top of the vehicles
After all the animals were fed watered and checked on I popped round to give her hand clearing up a few bits and getting things under cover.
I think the barn has bit the dust it is fairly mangled up.
 We haven't had any damage this time round.

When I came in my coat was covered in mud and thought I would throw it in the washing machine.
Emptying the pockets
 This was the contents, lots of straw, broken biscuits for the goats, pen, greenhouse clips, dog whistle, buttons, pen knife and a pound coin I found on the drive way.
A bit of a collection.
Coat now in the machine also needs a few repairs after its washed and dried.

 Last night I made a couple of sticky malt loaves
I have tried several different recipes over time and this one is the best I have tried yet Malt Loaf 
I tried a slice last night with butter, it is lovely and sticky,
It does say on the recipe to leave for a couple of days to improve.
But you have to check its edible don't you.
The recipe has now been written in my book
along with several others that I needed to get written down.

I have to make a trip into town today, so I better get a move on.



  1. Gosh Dawn - you obviously really catch the wind there.
    I did laugh at the contents of your pockets. Rather like the farmers pockets I think.
    I love the look of that malt loaf but as I am trying to lose half a stone before we go on our cruise holiday in May it is definitely a no-no for me.

  2. It was lucky that structure missed your vehicles, pity about the fencing though. I hope you don't have any more damage. Love the title of your recipe book.

  3. Oh my goodness. That malt loaf looks yummy. I am so trying that!

  4. thank goodness everyone was ok , the power of the wind never ceases to amaze me.
    my pockets often look like that, but with sweetie wrappers,dog biscuits bits of wool and 2p coins haha :)
    that malt loaf looks delicious, I had a good giggle at the title of your recipe book :)

  5. I'm going to have to try the malt loaf - it looks so tasty! My pockets are always full of tissues and dog poo bags :(

  6. Great to see you back on line - now I am back from deepest Hampshire. You have done lots since I've been gone - good news about the (ram I presume?) lambs - great bottle feeding set-up. They have a big circular one for the calves next door to us.

    My polytunnel finally bit the dust in today's gales - I have taken the top off and secured it beneath a hefty wheelbarrow. Now - do I replace it?

    The malt loaf looks incredibly sticky. I take it that it isn't a dough-type malt loaf, but more cake like. Are you in tomorrow?

  7. I have saved the malt loaf recipe. Thanks for posting it. Looks delicious. Reminds me of Sunday tea time when we were kids.

  8. it would be rude not to try it, in our house there would be nothing left.

  9. Your pocket made me laugh, looks rather like the stuff I dump in my handbag. Wind mighty strong here..fed up with it, thankfully apart from the bird feeder all looks ok. That recipe looks good.

  10. HAHA I can so relate to the pocket contents :)

  11. What no cable ties in your pockets Dawn �� - mine are exactly the same but with cable ties ! - been really windy up here too as you can imagine but we've also been lucky that nothing has been damaged - just a few houses/sheds slid about a bit ������


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