Monday 14 March 2016

Wall to Wall Sunshine

Yesterday was wall to wall blue sky again,
wonderful to be out in the sun, not just us but the animals are enjoying the sunshine too.
I was working in the veg garden and poly tunnel
 I turned over one of the sides it had gone through winter top dressed with Alpaca poo, the soil looks in excellent condition now compared to last year

 It is full of worms which is a good sign, I have been working on improving the fertility of the soil, I don't want to be buying in fertilisers I would rather manage it with adding lots of matter, hard work but worth it, the soil is holding moisture now as well, all god news.
As the greenhouse is going I thought I would start moving water barrels from behind the greenhouse, this of course meant emptying first, moving the barrel and stand into the poly tunnel and re-filling it from the IBC tank rain collector from behind the shed, I have a water butt pump so it was easy to re-fill it, 
The water in the barrel will warm up during the day and help keep the tunnel frost free over night it also adds some extra humidity to the tunnel.

 The potatoes are really growing well I have now earthed them up
 over the other side leeks are doing well and spinach and beetroots are ready to harvest from.
 Outside the garlics that were planted in the Autumn are putting on lots of growth, these garlic have come from the garlic we grew last year, it was good not to buy any in any garlic for growing.
I shall hoe this bed today with all the rain we had and now sunshine I don't want the soil caking on top.
While I was working in the veg garden 
Martin was splitting logs with his log splitter fixed to the tractor
this is a great bit of kit and back saver 
a video of martin putting it through its paces 


  1. Hard at it down there in Wales by thelook of it Dawn. Our vegetable garden is a cold and wet garden and the farmer is seriously thinking of grassing it over. We have a very good local market for vegetables, very few things do really well in our garden (peas, broad beans, leeks (sometimes) and lettuces - that is about all - the rest is very variable in spite of plenty of manure. And particularly this year, because of the weather, he is far beind on all the farming jobs and the garden has to come last.

  2. really getting stuff done! Who needs fertilisers when you can have the manure from the alpacas, organic matter is natures finest fertiliser

  3. Lovely warm day here, blue skies are wonderful aren't they? Good bit of kit there for the logs, must save ages and of course the old back etc etc.

  4. It's been beautiful here too, I always enjoy reading about your poly tunnel crops - if only I had the space xx

  5. Dad used to make log splitters like that to sell when I was younger!
    That soil is looking amazing in your polytunnel.

  6. We are still debating as to whether or not to get a polytunnel, but yours does look productive for this time of the year so we think we will get one!

  7. My beetroot in the greenhouse came but has no fruit. So I've pulled it. I will try next year. Vg

  8. Great idea to have a waterbutt so close on hand and as you say good that the water will be kept slightly warmed too. Everything looks to be growing well! xx

  9. What a productive looking patch. I am envious of your spuds growing already. Fabulous stuff. We have blue skies here today and it was SO welcome.


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