Saturday 26 March 2016

Quick Internet Update And Stuff...

We have a working phone line but no internet, this is a new fault,
BT don't know were the fault is.
Really don't know how long this is going to take and after the previous problem I have no faith in them to do a speedy repair.
I have been and bought a Mobile WI FI box although we are on the edge of getting a good signal,
Its slow and better than nothing.
I wont try uploading photo's as it would take an age.
I am looking into a more permanent solution 
There is a company called Blue wave communications I have been in touch with to see if they can provide us with a service, again we are on the edge of the signal area 
We are considering having a mast put up in one of the fields and then kick BT into touch.
Other news
We spent yesterday putting up the frame for the fruit cage, its not finished and today's weather is not good, perhaps tomorrow we will get the netting on.
One of the hen has gone broody and I have her in the brood house sitting on 10 eggs.
I have a few eggs in the incubator and they are due to hatch Monday although I think only two are viable. They are from young chickens, I intended to set another lot as soon as the incubator was free and now the broody hen can do the job for me.
The two OAP chickens who are enjoying retirement in the garden yesterday both of them laid an egg, We will get a few eggs from them but not a lot at 8 years old I am surprised they are still laying anything.
It looks like I have picked up this cold bug, been feeling pretty rough the past couple of days, hope it does not hang around too long, will just have to work through it.

That's all from me at the moment.


  1. Hi Dawn, hope you're keeping well. Sorry to hear about BT, they are crap. Have you considered satellite internet? It used to be very expensive but the costs now seem to be roughly on a par with what you pay for an ADSL line.

    As for the cellular network, I'm probably going to buy one of these 4G routers and an antenna for it:

    The thing I really like about this router is not only can you plug your computers into it but you can also plug a landline phone into it, so I get the benefits of cellular and a variety of tariffs while still being able use my traditional phone and not fry myself with radiation right next to my ear.

    1. hi Dawn, we have one of these on our narrowboat, we have a 3 sim in it gives us 20gb per month. Not sure how much you need but they have other options. we get a signal 99% of the time regardless of were on the canal system we are. Posting this from the Llangollen basin ;-)

  2. BT are just a waste of rations, but because they have everyone who lives in the country over a barrel, they don't hasten to do anything. Mind you, they have most of the people in towns over a barrel too, especially if you sign on with any other broadband or phone supplier, and then you just don't exist at all, even though it is still their phone line. I hope you can get it fixed/sorted soon - if you could kick BT into touch all the better.

    Hoping the weather isn't too dire these next two days so you can get the fruit cage up. Good luck with the chicks.

  3. Fun and games again, BT will never learn customer service. Lucky retired hens saying thank you to you with eggs, nice timing at Easter. Hope you feel better soon, we had the bug, not nice but it did not linger.

  4. I'm loathed to leave BT because they still have the monopoly over the lines even if you go to another provider. My friend with talk talk had to pay £37 for bt to cheap her line because she was buying through another provider. Hope they sort I soon or you find an alternative solution.

  5. Hope you feel better quickly. I look at our internet woes as a cost of living in the sticks. Would give up the internet before giving up our lifestyle but glad than we can at least get some sort of service.

  6. I get so irate with the fact that they have a monopoly on the hardware and they couldn't care less if you don't have service for months at a time. Is this not something that the government can legitimately stick their nose into? At least you have something though. I am impressed at 8 year old chickens, that's fantastic!

  7. Ahh the woes of being in a less populated area and the internet. My son is always complaining about our slow and small connection speeds. Like you when ours goes out it takes a while to get them to do anything. Here it takes em days just to even admit there is a problem beyond operator error.


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