Friday 11 March 2016

Ready Steady Goooooooooooooooo.....

Today started another blue sky sunny day and I hit the ground running, first up was to get the labs on to a new routine of only three bottles a day, they are now starting to nibble the Lamb growers feed, 
after everyone was fed watered etc I was out in the paddock were the lambs are going to go, I got the field shelter all ready for them, blocked in gaps under the gates and checked the boundary fences were secure then I took the lambs out two at a time 

Outside now with room to jump skip and run about in the fresh air and sunshine 
Here is a short video of them.
After sorting out lambs a quick dash to the post office to get a parcel on its way,
Then it was into the greenhouse for some seed sowing
Today it was Broccoli, Sprouts, Leeks, Sweet Peas and Cosmos,
The greenhouse is filling up, with cuttings and young plants I have been moving from indoors,
The bubble wrap is still on to insulate the greenhouse.
At cuppa tea time I took my cuppa down to bee hives

We went into winter with three hives, one national and two top bars, we lost the other two hives to wasp attacks last summer, all three this morning were showing activity,
providing the weather is ok at the week end (they say it should be) I want to open the hives and do the first check of the year,
We were hoping to have had the new land in winter we could have moved the hives to there new spot, I want to increase the amount of hives up to 12 over time, new swarms this year will be re-located into what will become the Apiary over in one of the new fields, these hives we wont move until next winter now. 
Time to dash again to walk Sol the its another round of feeds.




  1. Your lambs look happy to be outside, and the Alpaca's were watching, every where is so much better with sun shine. It's been lovely day here in the south.

  2. Moving hives in Winter is the best choice. I usually prefer it to be at least below 30 degrees when doing it as the bees generally won't come out at ya then.

  3. Glad to hear that the weather is allowing you to get on with all the jobs Dawn - long may this weather last (fingers crossed)

  4. Those lambs are so cute but they won't fatten up much with all that running around lol.

  5. Such sweet little lambs, love the video of them running.

  6. Isn't it wonderful when blue skies appear and the lambs chase each other around.

  7. The lambs look happy, looking forward to ready bee related posts :)

  8. Hi Dawn, I just read the latest post from The Archers at the Larches and thought of you saying you were going to put free alpaca poo at the gate for free. You might find the 5th paragraph in her post interesting!!

  9. My girls are going to love having lambs this year I think. My plan today is to get sowing but to wash down the greenhouse first!


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