Wednesday 30 March 2016

Having A Little Helper

Oh what a beautiful morning Oh what a beautiful day
That's what I was singing today,
A stunning sunrise made a day of blue skies and sunshine, a proper spring day
I set about cleaning out all the animal houses
I had a little helper who insisted on checking the straw was suitable for his bed.
All the animals enjoy the sunshine, 
The Alpacas stretch out and roll around on the grass 
The lambs laze around
The goats all lay outside
The chickens scratch around and dust themselves in the sand bath
Sol loves to sleep in the sun.
While everyone was dozing and lapping up the sun I was busy in the veggie garden
The soil is still too wet to work
 It has become compacted with the all the rain
 I broke up all the surface of this bed with my hand tiller, its basically a long pole with grub hooks on the end, its now has a chance to drain and I hope next week to be planting this bed up.
 The garlic bed was all compacted too,
After the same treatment
Now some air can get to the roots and the soil can drain 
there was some gaps in the garlic and shallots 
 I had a few garlics sprouting  I planted them to fill the gaps, I don't expect them to come to much as its a bit late to plant them
I had some shallots sprouting as well so they went to fill the gaps among the shallots.
In the poly tunnel I pulled a lot of the big old leaves off the spinach,
There is plenty of new young growth
The goats enjoyed them, along with a few radishes.
Its suppose to be a real cold night tonight,
everything has been covered over in the poly tunnel that needed a bit of protection.
A bit of an update on the BT situation they have done some tweaking at the exchange and so far so good, I haven't lost Internet all day. 
I had a load of parcels to get posted out today, 
All stuff that has been sold on eBay, I have been shifting out some of the shop stock, I have two job lots that sold waiting to be collected.
I also sold some greenhouse equipment on one of the local face book pages. 
All the money will get put back into buying plants and trees.



  1. Life for every one is so much better when the sun shines, we had a dull day and now with clear Skye's frost tomorrow morning.

  2. I love your helper! Such a sweet face. Things are looking good at your place.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day Dawn, sunshine certainly must help you a lot when it comes to getting jobs done with the animals and veg beds. I think most of the remainder of this week is due to be sunny so I hope this spurs all of your plants on, my seedlings have shot up in the last few days. Xx

  4. I think I should invest in one of those hand tillers. Our soil has a lot of clay and is water-retentive. I need to get the area dug over which has been covered for the winter, but at present we seem to be doing so much on the antiques side of things it's shoehorning it in! Glad you had a Little Helper!

  5. your days always look so perfect! Here's to hoping that someday soon we'll be on land of our own with a little helper identical to yours :)

  6. Sounds like a good day all round then Dawn. You will sleep happy tonight. It has bee Spring here too - about time and welcomed.


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