Monday 7 March 2016

Bringing It Down

Last week in the high winds one of the Larch trees at the end of the drive split and the top broke off and was in a very precarious position, s it had to come down before if fell and blocked the drive or worse still hurt some-one.
This was Martin's priority job this week end
 I did warn him what would happen if he let it fall on the telephone cables on the other side of the drive

 also he had to keep in mind the neighbors stock fence on the other side

 He did a great job judging were it was to fall
 And no damage was done
It has all been cut up now and added to next years wood pile
I think we will have see about re-planting and removing trees from this corner of the drive, they are very tall and in a wind exposed 
area, I am surprised we havent had more trees down.
While he was doing this I was cleaning out the goat house, goats are so smelly and dont have good housekeeping skills, they happily use there beds as toilets.
Not like the Alpacas and pigs that use middens, the chicken house was given a good clean out and a good dousing of preventive treatment for parasites.
I got out the incubator and will be setting some eggs in the net day or so.
Last night it was a bottom of the fridge stir fry for dinner
I added in all the beansprouts that I had been sprouting this week.
will get some more on the go now.
It was Mothers day yesterday, I got chocolates, a milk pail planter
and some Comfrey plants, a pink flowing one and a white flowering one, I didn't bring any Comfrey with me and last year I kept looking to buy one but never saw one to buy.
Now I have two different ones. 
When the greenhouse and small poly tunnel come down I am using that area as a medicinal herb growing area, well that's the plan.
Talking of herbs my coriander is up



  1. brilliant, free wood and no one got hurt :)
    that stir fry looks delicious, it never occurred to me to sprout my own bean sprouts, I'll have to put it on the list xx

  2. Medicinal planting area what a fantastic idea. I got a planting pail too!. I wish I had a log burner I'm very envious of people who do and having free fuel must be the icing on the cake.

  3. Ooh very interested to hear more on the medicinal planting?

  4. A planting pail with tete a tete daffodils here as well!

    Good work with getting the tree to fall so accurately. It`s always nice to have more free firewood for next winter.

  5. Great job on Martin's tree felling and always good to get wood for the stove. You got the dirty jobs eh? I am sure the animals appreciated it.

  6. Just be warned by my father in law's old adage - an oak tree
    warms you three times - when you chop it down, when you saw it up and when you burn it.
    A larch warms you four times - when you chop it down, when you saw it up, when you burn it and when you have to dash around the room stamping out where the sparks have landed.

  7. Evening Sarah

    Being as you are interested in medicinal herbs can I recommend you to Sarah Head of She takes on Trainees at certain times of the year. I also have an interest and have followed her for the last couple of years or so. She has not been very well this last year having had to had surgery but I think you will find her blog and her approach interesting. Her blog is dotted with absolute gems and she is so knowledgeable.

    An Internet friend of my Rowan from Circle of the Year Blog also recommended Christina Stapley. Rowan apparently attended a very good course with this lady who has published a couple of books. The link to her books and sometimes workshops is BB knows of Rowan as we all used to be on the same blog together many years ago. I hope this helps.

    With regard to the sprouting seeds where do you get your seeds from. I know that you can set dried peas to grow for pea shoots have done this in the past. I am assuming you can do the same with the mung beans etc.

    At least the live stock are "mucked out". Its funny how the species differ so much in their habits.

    Take care



  8. OMG you scared me when you said it was mothers day. I had to think real fast there for a minute :)

    I would cut those trees down and plant something a little more low to the ground. Around here I like to plant either Redbuds or wild plum for areas like that as those trees rarely get tall enough to pose much of a danger.

  9. Gosh that tree did quite a number didn't it! Glad that Martin got it safely down. Hope you took some time to relax on mothers day! xx


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