Thursday 31 March 2016

Move It from Here To Here

Another day out in the fresh air
 I got some peas sowed in a strip of guttering, I have it sitting in the poly tunnel, once they are growing, I will take out a narrow trench and slide the strip of peas into place,
less root disturbance, I have started them off in pots and trays before but its time consuming and they tend to stall when planting out because the roots get damaged.
 I have been sorting out two of the pallet collars that are outside the poly tunnel door,
The one on the left is being layered with manure then will be topped with soil, 
courgettes are destined for this bed, the one on the right needs a bit more topping up and will be for parsnips, I am holding off sowing the parsnips until the middle of April to cut down the risk of canker. 
I have got another 8 pallet collars coming, I have plans for all of them, that will make 16 in total, again we exchanged eggs for them.
I got the rest of the Blueberry bushes planted out in the fruit cage, It feels great to get them out of pots, I have grown them in pots for years, anything growing in pots requires extra work with feeding and watering, Louise was asking what fruit I am growing in the fruit cage
To date I have 
Raspberries, Strawberries, Tayberry, Red Currants, Black Currants, Gooseberry, Blueberries, Cranberries and apples, I want to introduce a couple of peach trees and a cherry in a few weeks.
I have other fruit around homestead, plums, pears, more apples, grapes, Kiwi, Figs and Guava's.

In readiness for the next poly tunnel going up I have been doing some soil shifting
 The raised beds I am losing I am taking a spade width of soil from around the edge, so when we dismantle the beds the soil wont all fall out
 The soil that is coming out is good stuff and not going to waste, 
I am adding it to the beds I am keeping, 
heavy tedious work but it has to be done.

While I was at it 
 The cinder path I put down last year had to be moved as well
 I lay the membrane between the beds that are staying
 shovelled out the cinders
moved them to a new path across the way, I have also lay membrane between the other beds
in readiness for more cinders.

The two OAP's laid eggs again today
They chose the Alpaca barn to make a nest, lucky I spotted them,
the Alpacas would have just smashed them at feed time under there feet when running in at feed time.
The two old girls have really made themselves free ranging around the garden.

While walking Sol this afternoon I managed to get a photo
Of one of the Red Kites soaring on the thermals,
We have a lot of Kites around here, stunning birds I love watching them.

Martin comes home again tonight it will be a short week end as he has to go back Sunday night,
I have been asked how self sufficient we are tomorrow I am doing a post to try and outline what we have achieved so far.


  1. Looking forward to that next post.x

  2. Love the gutter idea may give it a go, I'm sure we've got some somewhere.

  3. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post, also. Gosh you do a lot of work!

  4. When you open up for pick your own fruit we will pop over. Your world is growing, all by your own hard work, lucky you.

  5. Dawn, lucky you with the red kites - and with that deep blue sky too.
    What a clever idea planting those peas in that piece of guttering.


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