Thursday 17 March 2016

A Random Day

It starts with making up the milk for the lambs
 I make up 4lt for the day, 1lt per lamb, It's stored in milk containers and kept in the porch which is nice and cool, they are on cold milk 3 feeds a day, 8am 2pm and 8pm
Its so much easier having it made up ready to dish out.
After a feed the bottles are washed 
and soaked in a bucket of sterilising fluid until the next feed.
In the mornings on sunny days the greenhouse and poly tunnel are opened up
 Its always exciting to see what has germinated, the broccoli are up
Cosmos is up 
 cutting up milk containers to make some more plant labels
easy to use and plenty of space to write and there free, you can never have enough plant labels, these are easy to pierce as well to tie onto plants
 All the peppers, chilies, melons and tomatoes are now potted on
 The windowsill is full
The table under the grow light is full,
another few weeks and they can all move out to the poly tunnel.
A trip to the vet to pick up medication for the lambs, 3 have lamb scour (the runs ) the vet said probably because they are out on grass, a few jabs should sort them out
 Talking of Lambs
some-one has lost there tail.
Nice tidy little bottom now.
On the way to town posted of the Oca's
to those who ordered them, still have some more message me if you are interested.
In the goat field at feed time
 there is always some-one who needs to check the feed bucket is empty
I saw Thelma making use of this today
 Its a large yard broom that Martin fixed up for the goats to rub against it saves them using the fences.
I collected together some slate 
 and some long sticks
In readiness for a garden project I have in mind

The day ended with a sit down in the late afternoon sunshine with Sol
 Sticky malt loaf and a cuppa was much needed
 we watched the Alpacas in the field while listening to bird song, 
reflecting on the day,
then headed indoors as the sun beings to set closing up the greenhouse and poly tunnel on the way
only the chooks to shut in and one last feed for the lambs
fire to light 
bringing us back to were we started.


  1. Wasn't it a lovely day? Proper spring, with birds singing and no nasty cold wind. You got lots done (I haven't even started any seeds yet!) I'm glad you found time to sit and soak up some rays with Sol. I got half an hour at lunchtime, sat on the patio with my new book.

    1. You dont appreciate whats around you if you dont make time to sit down and enjoy it

  2. Dawn - I have to lose a stone in weight on the advice of my physio as I have a bad ankle, which is arthritis and it will not get any better. So I am eating no potatoes, bread or cake. If you work hard every day as you have done today then I think you could eat a whole stick malt loaf every day without putting on an ounce.

    1. I must say I enjoy the perk of keeping active being able to eat treats

  3. What a lovely day, thank you for sharing. You're going to have a lovely veg crop this year with all the seeds you've planted.

    1. I hope so but with growing veg you never know

  4. Love the day to day running of places like ours, nothing is constant and everything changes each day. I'm planning on having some more time around here in April and I'm looking forward to it!

    1. no two days are every the same variety as they say is the spice of life

  5. Also thanks for your comments of support on my blog yesterday. I seem to have quite a few fighting my corner and it's reassuring to know.

  6. What a wonderful day, Dawn. Love the head-in-a-bucket shot. Loving the scratch brush, too. Feeling a little better so looking forward to getting out in the garden at the weekend. However, Jon has agreed to put a new roof on the shed of an elderly neighbour on Saturday so the stone walling is going to have to wait just a little bit longer!

    1. Its always good to help neighbors and build up relationships you never know when they are needed

  7. great ideas with the milk bottles and the brush. can't wait to see what the new project you have in mind is :)

  8. Good idea about those plant labels. Still have not done any planting!

    1. I am not buying them in anymore want to re-cycle what we can

  9. love the scratch brush idea - thanks for sharing. i have a couple of kitties i think would love it if i rigged up something similar for them. --suz in ohio

  10. Brilliant ideas - will 'shelve' those for later use thanks :) loved reading about your day!

    1. The scratching broom I came across on another blog last year and wrote the idea down, same with the milk bottle labels


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