Sunday 13 March 2016

A Really Lazy Saturday

Yes I had a really lazy day yesterday
Martin did the morning feeds I showered and got dressed
Martin was doing his chimney sweep bit the log burner has now been done and while he had the brushes out he gave the rayburn another sweep I sat and watched 
Then I had to head off to the dentist
After being hit under the chin by one of the Alpacas some time ago I have had a loose tooth at the front, this tooth is an implant grafted onto the bone 
Long story of how I ended up with it and a long long time ago.
Anyway this tooth has been loose for just over a year and it was time for it to come out 
I decided not to have another implant at £1,000 and opted for a new part plate at £182
I already had a plate that replaced a few implants that were removed a few years ago.
So yesterday after the tooth was removed fairly easy to do, my new plate was fitted straight away.
By the time I got home the anesthetic was wearing off and my jaw was aching and as the afternoon wore on so did the ache, by 9-30pm I was in bed sleeping it off, slept for 10 hours straight through
I cant have the usual anesthetic as I have a hyper sensitivity to the adrenaline, instead I am given 'Citanest', so for me to sleep 10 hours through afterwards is normal, 
Anyway got up this morning and feel back to normal although losing a day yesterday is a bit of a bummer, I have to pop back to the dentist next week check to check that everything is Ok, at least its all done. We are very lucky to have found a super NHS dentist, I was a bit concerned when we moved that it would mean a change in dentist, my other one I had been with for just over 30 years.

It was a very very lazy day for me, today will make up for it :-)


  1. Given how hard you work every day it is no wonder that you had such a long sleep, the wonder is that it was not twice as long. I have another busy day in front of me and I am looking forward to it. I had enough of being indoors whilst it rained day after day. You were slogging away through all of that.

  2. It probaboly did your whole system good Dawn.

  3. I didn't realize that alpacas could be dental dangerous. We've only had to dodge kicks, spits and the occasional jumping onto shoulders - or trying too...

    1. they are not usually, it was just one of those accidents, he brought his head up suddenly and wacked me under the chin I was just in the wrong place

  4. Well, you did the right thing to get it taken care of, also to get a proper rest afterward! I didn't realize alpacas could do things like that, but most animals can do some damage under the right circumstances.

    1. wrong place wrong time just an accident

  5. If anyone deserves a lazy day it's you Dawn, it's a shame the dentist was involved.

  6. What I wouldn't give to be able to sleep 10 hours straight once again. I used to be able to do that when I was young but not now :(

    Why it might actually be worth a tooth!!!!

    Just kidding. Glad you are feeling better!!!!

  7. You certainly needed the rest you are always busy busy! You are lucky to have a good dentist. I'm looking for a good nhs dentist locally. I've paid privately for years but the prices are ridiculous now. Hubby's implants are settling down. One more to go after one implant broke.


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