Saturday 5 March 2016

Whats Growing On

 The potatoes that were planted start of the year in the poly tunnel are pushing there way up, these are some of our own home grown potatoes from last year, soon be time to start earthing them up.
 This little green sprout starting to grow is Chickpeas, I sowed some a few weeks ago in the poly tunnel they are just starting to appear
 A lovely bunch of heritage lettuce Relic otherwise known as Deer Tongue, I have been taking a few leaves off them to eat, a really nice lettuce a lot more tasty than those wishy washy things in the supermarket, I have some more started off indoors in seed trays ready to replace these
 Radish always a nice crunchy addition to meals, Radish are so quick growing I only grow short rows and succession sow for a continuous supply.
There is beetroot ready for pulling I was sure I took a photo but its gone missing.
Little lambs are coming on fine, here is one of the introducing itself to the Alpacas, I don't think my woolly wonders knew what to make of this tiny woolly wonder.
I have got two of the lambs taking a bottle from the rack feeder  now, makes feed time a bit easier.
I am going to try number 3 this evening, I think it will be another few days before number 4 will be ready, still very slow to feed.
I am putting out some lamb growers pellets for them so they can start having a taste, it will be a few weeks yet before they are on solids. I understand now why farmers are keen to get rid of bottle feeders, its very time consuming. I know have them on to 4 feeds a day, they are taking there full quota for there age, 7am, 12pm, 5pm and 11pm so its a bit easier.
It was lovely having Martin come home last night, he did the morning feed so I got to lie in until 7am, bliss I have been so tired this week.
I stopped Kara's bottles yesterday, a big girl now time she was weaned. She is not impressed.

This morning I went off to do my craft stall, I missed last month due to Thelma kidding, it was lovely to meet up with everyone again, sell some items take a couple of orders and earn some money. Also there is a lady who wants me to give her some lessons on her sewing machine, in exchange for some sapling trees that she needs to move on, they have growing in pots so will make a nice addition to the woodland we are planting.

Once this afternoons feeds are done we have a tall Larch tree to take down at the drive entrance, it broke in the high winds the other day, and the top third has split away from the rest of the trunk and is perched on other trees, so it has to felled before it falls across the drive.

I need to get a move on lots to do :-)


  1. It always sounds great fun to have so many young animals on your plot, but they do make alot of hard work and ensure your days are long.

  2. Love the expression on the alpacas looking at little funny. Hope you catch up on rest before Martin goes back.

  3. Its lovely that you can barter skill for saplings what a wonderful exchange.

  4. Sounds to me that a woman's work is never done Dawn.

  5. You are always so very busy - and it sounds wonderful. I love the photo of the tiny lamb having a visit.

  6. Gosh, I forgot just how much you get up to! xx


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