Tuesday 8 March 2016

Little Wiggly Tails

 Yes we have all four lambkins onto the rack feeder, this makes feed time a lot easier
 I love how there little tails wiggle while they are feeding
There tails have been ringed and soon will drop off, the lambs are really start to fill out now and there skin fits no more wrinkles and creases, they are starting to nibble the lamb growers pellets,
you can just see it in the background they have free access to that along with water.

Yesterday we spent most of the day moving logs
 that were cut last winter and stored in dumpy bags down the field

Each bag is two trailer loads
It was a fair amount of tooing and froing
fill the trailer
unload the trailer and stack in the wood shed
Eventually the wood shed starts to fill, this shed is now 4 rows deep, to buy the wood it would cost about £300, a big saving doing it ourselves.
we have another wood shed next to this one that has wood I am burning at the moment, once empty I will start on this one then we refill the other one.
Of course the dumpy bags need refilling
 The wood that was cut in the Autumn was next on the list to be chopped up and into dumpy bags
The tree that Martin brought down yesterday is stacked in the background that will be delt with later in the year.
The job of wood cutting is a lot easier with the two of us working together, I made a start with the chain saw, its not a tool I like using frightens the life out of me Martin is always there to supervise
Then he takes over and I just feed in the logs.
The day ended with a bonfire

 We had some straw bedding to burn and the brush wood, there was a few boxes as well that I finally got emptied the other week.
I did get some eggs set in the incubator yesterday,
I have only set 6, once these are hatched I will set another 6,
Any cockerals will be for the table and hens will be added to the layers, hatching eggs is fun but there is a sad side,
sometimes chicks are deformed when they hatch and you have to dispatch them, its not a nice job but if you hatch eggs you have to be prepared to do it, its very cruel to allow them to live they would be attacked and pecked to death by the others.

We had an Indian take away as a treat after a hard slog of the day,
My shoulders are aching today so I plan light duties for today.




  1. What a darling photo of the lambs! The farmer whose land backs onto to our back garden is a sheep farmer and we love driving past when we go to Aber seeing how many new lambs there are. Jon built him some new sheep troughs to make sure the mums were getting enough to eat in the run up to the lambs coming. I am beginning to get the idea there is a lot to do when it comes to keeping chickens but I'm still looking forward to us getting some.

  2. As usual you are keeping very busy. Have a more restful day today you deserve it.

  3. Cutie patooties! I had no idea that lambs had longer tails- learn something new every day!

  4. A bit of heat on those shoulders wouldn't come amiss.

  5. Love the lambs having a wiggle ...loads around here now too...this weekend taking little man for a "proper" visit to out friendly farm nearby, he can't wait, last year we saw a lamb being born in one of the lambing sheds and he is very ok about how nature works and the circle of life . You would not get me near a chainsaw EVER!!

    1. You could bring him up here, time it for feed time and he could go round feed all the animals he would the baby goats :-)

  6. Blimey! No wonder you keep so trim and fit! It's going to take me a very long time to get used to the physical side of living a more self sufficient life, but I'm looking forward to it. The lambs are adorable :)

  7. Chain saws are scary. We bought a helmet and chaps to use when using it. We have a neighbour who badly cut his leg using one so we bought the chaps. And he wasn't a newbie at it either, he had used them for a long time. They are made by the same people who make the saws as is the hat so appropriate for using when chain sawing. My husband also wears his tall snake boots when using it. We don't do much anymore because of his health issues but he does use it still to trim trees and cut up the fallen trees and branches.

  8. Great with the lambs, reminds me of my childhood, although I hope we have none on a bottle this year, girls would love it but it's lots fo work!
    What chickens are you hatching?

  9. Nothing like wiggling tails of lambs getting milk! Only one lamb being bottle fed here, nice to do but does take time.

  10. Yay for the lambs feeding themselves, that must make life much easier! xx


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