Thursday 10 March 2016

More Time In The Kitchen

Last night I spent the evening in the kitchen,
Getting a few meals prepared ready for Martin coming home,
There was a couple of cauliflowers needing using up, a veg I hate with a passion, Martin likes them so I thought I would do a Cauliflower cheese bake, I haven't made one since the kids were small, I don't eat cheese and I find cooking with cheese a challenge, I cant taste it to see if its alright so it will be very hit and miss.
He will have some this week end with dinner then take the rest back with him. I will portion it up and freeze it so it will do him over a few meals.

As I was in the kitchen I prepared a selection of veg that was lurking in the fridge
 Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips and Fennel Bulbs all tossed in some oil and seasoned and into the oven
 All the scraps are for the goats
The veg was roasted and is now in two bags in the freezer again ready for the week end.

I cooked myself up a couple of portions of mince 
 I do like minced beef with beans served with mashed potatoes, again some in the freezer for next week.
The rest of the mince I made into Chili Con Carny again its gone in the freezer, I don't plan on dong a lot of cooking this week end and having meals prepared in the freezer works well for me.

Today was a glorious sunny blue sky day
Bovey Belle called over this morning, it was great to have a catch up and a gossip.
After she left I did a bit of clearing up in the herb bed
 All the herbs that died back in winter are starting to push there way through the earth, The Rosemary has put on a lot of growth and the little bay tree, I don't think anything has been lost with the wet winter.
I noticed the wild garlic is starting to come through as well.
It wont be long before we can go foraging for some, I wont pick from our little patch until its a bit more established.
I was cutting some plants back in the border while I was out there
and noticed lots of young potential cuttings on the Carnations
I have popped them in some compost hopefully a few of them will take, I want to do a bed of flowers for cutting and bringing indoors so if they take they can go in that bed.
They say its going to be a mild week end lets hope so we could do with lots more dry sunny days like today.


  1. Our sheep love cabbage scraps too!!!!

    I am envious of your blue skies right now.

  2. It was lovely to see you today Dawn, and catch up on 3 mths' news! Your goat kids are poppets and so were the lambs. I hope you find your bees well established after their winter feeding.

    Well done with the herb bed and all that batch cooking - it helps fill the freezer. Our Ramsons are coming through too - a real sign of spring to my mind.

  3. It is funny how there are some things that we just don't like to eat isn't it. I love cheese, but not cauliflower, but I do like cauliflower cheese!! I am nothing if not fickle! xx

  4. Your herb garden looks nice and tidy.....mine is still under last year's dead vegetation, but with warmer weather on the way I hope to get it sorted out. Blue skies! Now that's a welcome treat!

  5. Wild garlic in the herb garden is an excellent idea, I had never thought of growing "wild " garlic! Think I'll have to introduce some to our raised bed

  6. All of your garden doings look just wonderful, and I can almost smell the yummy looking baking!x


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