Tuesday 15 March 2016

Just Pottering On

Spring days can be lovely warm and relaxing,
That was mine today
Yesterday when we went to get goat feed I popped into the garden centre I still had money on the gift card I was given for my birthday last November
I got some new strawberry plants, I brought young plants with me when we moved, and planted up loads of runners last year, I also have some I grew from seeds.
I fancied some new ones, this week I am going to get the strawberry bed all sorted.

We are ordering the new poly tunnel and fruit cage this week end,
now the fruit area is just about all planted up, if we want a good crop we need to get a fruit cage in place to keep the birds away from the crop.

The Lambs are coming on in leaps and bounds
 As soon as they see us with there bottles they coming running,
They are nibbling on grass now as well and seem to be growing daily.

 Yesterday we brought the Eglu back into use, and made a retirement home for the two Bantams 
I hatched these out about 8-9 years ago, the big hens have been bullying them over in Chicken Villa, as they are both retired it was time to take them away for some peace and quiet, they will stay in the Eglu for a while then I will let out to free range the garden.

I was potting on the Chilli's today
tomorrow I need to pot some tomatoes and peppers, 
I will leave them all indoors for another few weeks then start moving them out to the poly tunnel.
I got a start on some spring cleaning this morning, 
cleaning windows, I do like clean windows.
I also got the bed stripped washed and out on the line in the sunshine,
Then got a bit of weeding done in the borders.
When I was walking Sol this afternoon the BT men were there replacing the broken telegraph poles, which means our temporary repair is now a proper repair.

Here,s to more sunshine days


  1. It all sounds like life is good for you and you deserve it. Waiting for my laptop to be repaired so I can catch up on posting.

  2. You must be so pleased that BT are finally getting the repair sorted out. We would be lost without our internet connections. Good idea about those bantams. It's nice to see one or two chickens ranging around a garden.

  3. Nine year old hens. Wow dot hey still lay eggs occasionally?

  4. My mum always said clean your windows when the sun is shinning, we are having lovely sunny days here, not been out much bad cough is bringing me down. Hope to be out over the weekend.

  5. Nice positive blog today Dawn - hope the good weather continues for you. Over here in the North East it is not nice weather but cold and just slightly damp.

  6. have to ask Dawn, it seems unlike you to retire the chooks to anywhere but the table, I'm guessing they are still laying? just curious

    1. They are too old and tough for the table, they still lay the occasional egg there retirement will be spent de-bugging the garden until I find them with there toes point upwards, so in a way still earning there keep, they are among some the first ones I hatched out and were named suppose I have a bit of a soft spot for these old birds :-)

    2. how do you find the eglu? I see many people rave about them but the price tag puts me off a little

  7. Glad your repair is now permanent! It is going to be a wonderful place for fruit for you this summer! xx

  8. Hmmm... You've reminded me - I need to clean my windows. Not a job I enjoy! The lambs are getting big :)


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