Wednesday 23 March 2016

Baking For The Goats

I am behind schedule with starting to milk the goats, with lambs to look after and other things it sort of got neglected,
Well now I have the lambs onto two bottles a day and there feeds fall in line with everyone else, I am turning my attention back to the goats, better late than never.
 I have been looking into some treats for the mama goats something to tempt them with, I didn't really want to start buying in yet more feed stuff.
They are more used to us now but still not keen on being handled 
this has to change.
I mixed up 10 cups of there muesli grain feed, with 4 cups of grated carrots and 3 cups of raisins

 Then added 2 jars of molasses and three cups of wholemeal flour, a little water mixed it all together it did smell lovely

 spread it out onto trays and popped into a hot oven for about 20 mins, 6 trays later
 I have a nice big tub of goat treats
 I was after a cross between granola and flapjack, 
I am happy with the chunkiness of it.
I will try it later on with mama goats and see what they think.
I have also been looking at some ideas on making goat hobbles, these are used on the back legs of the goats to stop them kicking.
Its going to be a very trying couple of weeks I think in the goat shack.
While I was baking for the goats the delivery man arrived 
 Poly Tunnel number 2 has arrived and the fruit cage
guess whats going on here over Easter
 I have been asked a few times to recommend a book on foraging,
my personal preference is this one, this is the latest edition, my other was given to my grandson, 
small enough to take out with you, it refers to the UK.
the new edition includes foraging each month as well
nice clear pictures, good description, suggestions of what locations to look in, and suggested ways of cooking or using the spoils you find, it is a guide to 100 edible plants, berries, mushrooms seaweeds and shellfish.
That's it for now 



  1. I bought that little book last year after your recommendation. It's perfect for taking out and about.
    The goat treats look good enough eat yourself!! :)

  2. Goats are ornery critters for sure. Hope you can get them used to being handled. Those treats might just do it.

  3. Hope the treat work for you. Love the little book just what I need.

  4. Thanks again for recommending this, Dawn.x

  5. I hope those treats are so tempting that they fall instantly in love with you and just plead to be handled Dawn. Actually they sound good enough to eat.

  6. I think you are going to be scarcely in the house all over Easter. Good luck with the polytunnel erection (which isn't meant to sound rude!!).

    I hope that the goats aren't too fractious when you milk them - I imagine a little hobble number in thick felt and velcro fastenings might do the job? Tickled by the goaty treats btw!

  7. Good luck with hobbling! Thanks for the book recommendation. I was just looking up wild garlic info today as it happens so this is timely. Love goat treats btw x

  8. Well I never thought of goat treats, that is certain!!! However, I can see the logic and am just marking that down to another one of the things I never knew before and have now learned thanks to blogging! Hope they work and that the goats appreciate your efforts!! xx

  9. I am sure the goats will love the baked treats!!

    Foraging is a skill everyone should learn and keep in practice with.

  10. Love the goat treats, our neighbour is to be seen walking his goats along the verges, trying to tempt them with grass, I suppose it must be winter blues for goats at the moment.

  11. Good luck with milking your goats. They have been brought up by you so can be trained to your ways. Our goats were already adult when we got them and were not easy to milk because of the bad habits they had.


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