Tuesday 15 April 2014

Bad News

Our buyers came for another visit today and informed us there buyer has pulled out, so we are back to square one, tomorrow we put the house back on the market and we may have to pull out of the house we were buying. I am angry and upset, we have gone to the expense of the solicitors and surveyors, if we were in Scotland it would be different and less likely to happen, I do wish they would change laws in England to protect sellers.
Right now I feel like taking the house off the market completely and just staying put, it would be less stressful. I hate this living in limbo, even if they find another buyer quick we could still be looking at September before moving, when everything was planned for the end of May, September seems a long way off. 
This of course now gives us another problem, the Alpacas are suppose to move out of there field end of May, there is no-where local to move them too, so I may have to re-home them. 
That's all I feel like writing tonight.  I am off to drown my sorrows.

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  1. Oh heck, really bad news. That's the problem with a chain. We rented for 6 months before moving here which made us cash buyers and we would have lost out if we hadn't been. Though the thought of moving twice in 6 months doesn't appeal.


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