Thursday 24 April 2014

Messing About In The Water

Today most of the day was taken up with setting up the solar powered aquaponics system, there is a lot of adjusting to do on these things to get them running right, and every time you think you have cracked it, it turns out another bit needs tweaking. 
Here is a short video on the system running 

I am hoping to get a few Tilapa fish to try in this system, and the gravel trays will be stocked with lettuce, watercress is already in place, and in the third tray I want to try a cucumber and melon plant.
Any plants you grow in aquaponics have to grown in soil less conditions, I have started some seeds off just for this system and they are grown in little sponges. The waste matter from the fish is what feeds the plants and as the water is returned to the holding tank it has been cleaned by filter box and the plants.
I spent a bit of time watching the bees today as well, they were really busy in the sunshine, bringing back pollen of which there is plenty around for them.

As well as playing about with water and Bees  I did get a few brasicas planted out, and had a bit of a tidy around outside, Grandson had his girlfriend coming over for dinner this evening so I did a venison casserole using up some of venison road kill we got the other week, it was really nice to serve a meal up to lovely young lady who is not a fussy eater, she was very keen to try the venison as she hasn't had it before and was very interested in how we use road kill, not bad for a 16 year old. If your squeamish don't scroll down to the photo of the deer.

 We are lucky and often get a deer at the side of the road and it taste all the better for being free.

That just about sums up my day.


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