Friday 11 April 2014

Getting My Hand Fixed

Today I had an operation on my hand, not that it was broken, but I had two lesions on the back of my hand that were starting to bother me, because we are classed as a rural area the specialist comes from the hospital and runs an out patient clinic at the surgery, its a great set up, back in January he tried freezing the lesions off, that was a weired experience, unfortunately they had no sooner dropped off then started growing again, so they had to be removed by surgery and sent off to the lab, I opted for local anaesthetic so once again the procedure could be done at the surgery, I was really brave and 30 minuets later I had 18 stitches and the lesions were gone hopefully never to return.

I know we all complain about the NHS but were would we be without it, since January I have seen the specialist 4 times, now that's not bad going, I have also had my knee re-aligned by the physio man at the surgery, so I hope now I m all fixed up and don't require any medical attention for some time to come. 

As I must keep my wound clean and dry for the next week it will restrict my activities in the garden, so its an ideal opportunity to catch up on some sewing, I have a collection of unfinished projects that I am working my way through.

I did get some yogurt dehydrated, 
yogurt before
yogurt after

Whenever I see yogurt reduced in price I will buy some and dehydrate it and then roll it up into yogurt leathers, I then chop the rolls into one inch bits and pop them in an air tight jar, they are great to nibble on and taste just like those fruit salad sweets and there chewy. 

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