Wednesday 23 April 2014

Worm Hotel

After reading Compost Woman's blog about her womery Wormery blog post   it got me thinking this is something I would like to do, I never seem to have much success with compost heaps, I just cant seem to get them hot enough and the turning I find difficult  because we have those stupid shaped ones like a cone, we haven't space to put aside for building a decent one.
I did a bit of an internet search and came across Wormcity wormery, I bought a 100lt womery that came with worms bedding and bran feed this there selection of wormeries  Wormcity 
I ordered mine through Amazon as I needed it arrive on a day when I was at home as I dint want the worms left sitting in the sun.
So It arrived today, I ordered it on Monday so brilliant delivery.
First Put the base together and line with newspaper

Next add the coir bedding mixed with a little compost

Add your worm guests

Sprinkle on a handful of bran feed

Add a couple of inches of shredded newspaper

Pop on the lid
Very easy to set up, the instructions are very clear and easy to understand, there is another 3 trays to add when needed, so the worm hotel is open for business.
The wormery comes with a tap that you use to drain off liquid (worm tea) that can be diluted down and used as a plant feed, it takes a couple of months for any liquid to be produced, and the info said its about 4 months before there is compost to harvest. As each tray gets filled up you add another and the worms work they way up into the next.

Little things please me and having worm guests is one of those things.
Tomorrow I put a post up about the aquaponic system that I set up today.

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