Friday 18 April 2014

Book Review Back Garden Self Sufficiency

The correct title being 
The Essential Guide to Back Garden Self Sufficiency
edited by Carleen Madigan

What I found interesting from this book is how from a quarter of an acre you can harvest, 1.400 eggs, 50lbs of wheat, 60lbs of fruit, 2,000lbs of vegetables, 280lbs of pork and 75lbs of nuts.
Impressive numbers, that what caught my eye.
It has lots of interesting subjects and covers the basics like, One way to start is to think about what you and your family actually eat. Preserving your harvest, Wild foods and basic livestock that is viable to keep in a back garden, chickens rabbits and beehives. She breaks it down into 3 sizes of garden, Half an Acre, Quarter of an Acre and a Tenth of an Acre, but really anyone with any space can take lots of tips and advice from the book.
No fancy photos but lots of sketch drawings, charts and information on extending the season, average UK weather.
Defiantly a book to have on the shelf to dip in and out of, a very modern up to date approach of self sufficiency.

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  1. I have this book somewhere! I found it quite good although it could go a bit deeper on some subjects.


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