Saturday 26 April 2014

Book Review Perennial Vegetables

A review on not one but two books on the subject of perennial vegetables, this is a subject I very much want to get into, the idea of having vegetables there that don't have to be raised from seed each year, the other thing is they can be grown among the borders along side flowers and plants so its a win win situation.
The first book Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier a lovely book with lots of lovely inspiring photos, lots of detail covering 100 easy to grow edibles, the big downside that I didn't realise when I was ordering it was its written by an American and covers the growing climate over there in the USA, some bits are relevant but the majority would not apply to the UK.
The second book How To Grow Perennial Vegetables by Martin Crawford, is for the UK, loads of easy to understand cultivation tips, photos, descriptions and how to use the plants in the kitchen. As well as the common plants he covers some of the more unusual plants that will thrive in the UK, the book also covers aquatic plants and edible woodland species. 
Both books have there merits but not being able to grow Papaya and such like in the UK loses the first book marks. 
It was after reading these books that I started looking for some Yacon growing tips and found them last week, perennial vegetables is a definite must on my list of things to grow.


  1. You will have to let me know which veggies you have success with as I'm very interested myself x

  2. I will do, I will post a list in a couple of days of what I am going to try

  3. Yacon? Sounds interesting. I love veg that just comes back year after year. Next winter I'd like to get a asparagus bed in as it;s one of my favourites.

  4. I have 8 Yacon growing tips on the go so hopefully next year I will have lots off the plants I have so I could pass some on to you so you could have a go.
    We have a small asparagus bed here well 2 in fact and the one that produces the best stems is the one that also has spring bulbs growing in.


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